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About REDNEWS issue 238 ...

Content for the new RN238 - on sale for Arsenal and West Ham home games ONLY - published 19th November 2016.

RN238 brings varied and passionate differing viewpoints about what is happening at MUFC, as it happens as well as fascinating recollections on MUFC history. Don’t miss it. Laughs, tears and everything in between. If you’ve not given the mag a go, or in a while, see the changes! This season will see our 30th anniversary in April 2017!

Cover pic of Red News 238 at h

Reditorial on player strops with a lovely @thedevilstweets image to go with it

“Jose has challenged the players in private. It didn’t work.”

Since the last mag… LOTS!

Hot Gossip from Salford Red. Well sourced and revealing. And exclusives you’ll soon be seeeing in the papers.

@carlosartorial on a mixed bag of results

Bobbles on ruffling feathers

@RoyMBE on E Stand and the Stretford End and an emotional journey

Sparky ponders David Moyes… still in charge

@Paul__ring on whether Jose can make United great again

Nigel on the trip to Turkey

@stevenkedie on that first United game

@toeIntheWater1 on city - and he doesn’t pull his punches

@ManUtdFinland interview United’s only Finn, one time youth player Jami Puustinen

Your Emails and the odd letter.

@mufc_dan87 reckons Jose’s approach is needed

Pete Shaw is Red & Angry - so many things… but he hits back at the poppy row, again

Ben G’s 5 Pint Rule

We bid farewell to the Ast Ed who is leaving us for Australia

Tom Clare with a gem, on Frederick Attock, the man who helped found Newton Heath aka Manchester United

Positives and negatives by @Northern_Exiled

telltale signs you are an Arsenal fan

@ChinatownBranch with a fantastic art piece on Old Trafford

Centre spread is Arsenal away, Utd end, 1992.

@_Rob_B on comparisons with Utd and world events…

and much more!

We're just normal Reds! By Reds, for Reds. A unique take on all things past, present and future at MUFC. Thanks to all who contributed and spent hours on this mag. And to all of you who will buy it and support our fanzine culture. It’s not bland corporate run ‘meh’, it’s a unique read.

It will only be on sale for Arsenal and West Ham home games ONLY - published 19th November 2016.

Any questions cheers for all who support and give RN a go. We’re a fanzine, not big business. We’re there to poke and prod, have a bit of fun and buzz off of United, and call the buggers into account.

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Times. May, 2016 “excellent”.
Alex Ferguson on Red News' 25th anniversary in 2012: "What an achievement"
Henry Winter in Daily Telegraph. "Red News is (an) influential fanzine". "Red News is a... strong voice".
Guardian. "Strong voiced". March 2014: "Red News, the influential and oldest club fanzine"

Twice Shortlisted for Fanzine of the Year.



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