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"Imagine, for example, if I had started here at Real Sociedad and I could have been bought for, I donít know, a lot of money. It would have been different. There, I was an academy player, came through the youth and it felt different. Now, if you pay £60-70 million for a player he has more chance to play than you. Thatís how football is.... I was really young. I started in the first team and itís even harder to take criticism when you are such a young player, but, obviously, people were expecting a lot from me. I wanted to show those people but I didnít have that small chance to do it.Ē​

ďI grew up there, I was really happy until one year I had a bit of a struggle with the manager and that slowed me down. I always knew I had all the qualities to turn things around. The problem was, I was not playing and, then, every time I came in, it was difficult to change the game or make something happen, so, obviously, then imagine playing for a year like this? It makes it more difficult for you.Ē​

ďExactly, because you are the one player who can make the difference, score goals and you can imagine if the manager does not give you the confidence to take your opponent on, it gets even more difficult for you because you donít know what to do: to attack or to play simple. I came in for a lot of criticism but, for me, itís not a problem because I never look back on it. I just keep doing my stuff and now Iím in another league, Iím happy, I played in my second World Cup, I scored against England, too, so I showed to people that against an English team, who all play in the Premier League, I can still make the difference. It was a good moment.Ē​