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"I think 'frustrated' is a big word. Lukaku is a United player. This is the reality. You know very well I like this player. In the past when I was Chelsea coach I tried to bring him to Chelsea. But I repeat, today Lukaku is a player of Man United. This is the reality and this is the truth. I think that in this moment, we are talking about player of another club. For this reason it's right I don't talk about Lukaku. I have great respect for United. As I said before for sure I consider this player. I like this player. I consider him an important player for us to improve. There is a transfer market. We know our situation. We'll see what happens. Now Lukaku is United's player. d: The situation is very clear, the club was very clear to tell that he is out of Interís project and this is the reality in this moment. I will play against Manchester United without any strikers."