What is Red News?

RedNews was founded in 1987. Itís simple premise; to give normal, match going Reds a voice, an opportunity to give their views to Reds near and far and read those of others who didn't have a voice. Not one view, or party line, but diverse opinions on all manner of topics about the club we love. We have now published 263 fanzines, and sold at over 1000 Manchester United matches.

Serious, jovial, history; now, on field and off it. Times have changed, and we have changed with it but stayed true to our core; once a month you can read detail and articles you wonít find anywhere else. With info and gossip from contacts we have developed over three decades.

But we are still on sale in the exact same spots at Old Trafford where you would have found us 32 years ago.

Why is it different?

It doesnít toe the party line, itís 100% unofficial, for adults and a fanzine represents the voices of supporters who donít usually have a vehicle to offer their opinion at length on topics of their choice.

It is a space for letters, interviews, opinion, memories, exclusive interviews, without censure or copy approval - and to poke fun and prod at the powers that be, and, of course our rivals as much as ourselves.

Why is it still so important?

Because the concerns from 1987 are still relevant today, and, with our current owners and off pitch business lopsided mentality, a voice is as, if not more, important than ever.

How you can support.

Each summer we now run a campaign to support the fanzine for the season ahead. That support is needed as times have changed to affect fanzines. A mag is just £3 a copy, less than the price of a warm pint.

You will be reading something diverse and different each month and supporting us to survive and continue. And flourish.

We think we still have a lot to say.

Your support ensures that.

Thank you so much to all those who support us.

Support us in our quest for 264 subscribers before RedNews264 in August 2019 at https://fundrazr.com/rednewsfanzine2019