Kids match by match ticket prices up a whopping 38% and adults up 10%-16%, please EMAIL FEEDBACK@MANUTD.CO.UK

So my favourite subject of getting my kids into Old Trafford at a reasonable price, and give the club fans and loyalty for life has taken yet another turn for the worse, as out of the blue yesterday 5 has been added on to members game by game prices or as the club say, there is no longer a member discount for games. Look at is whichever way you want, a member is paying 5 more for a ticket, a price increase when they were supposed to be frozen.

I could bore you all on my story of trying to get season tickets for my 2 eldest lads and how the family stand has shrunk, the only other kids season tickets are in tier 3 (what 8 year old wants to be in there?) and how you can get a kids season ticket in east/west uppers, north/south lowers and upper quadrants but you pay more than the game by game price for a season ticket, oh shit I have bored you with it...

Anyway my point being, let the club know what a bunch of absolute whatevers they are ripping kids off or the parents of the kids and the adults as well with these underhand tactics, in fact just have a moan about anything you fancy, the club are so out of touch (bar they understand the Glazers are not held in particularly high esteem) that a mass outpouring of feeling needs to be done, email them at

Do not go down the route of whether Rashford is worth 300k a week or Maguire is worth 80m or why are Jones, Rojo, Darmian still at the club, that is all people's opinion, stick to the facts, stick to how the club can improve things for fans, explain what you would appreciate, what would improve our experiences, ticket prices, obviously maybe mention this increase and lack of kids thing would be useful start, DO IT!