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"It seems like it's been going on for a long time. We had a similar situation in Poland last time with Jordan Pickford, a lot of speculation. Everton agreed the deal they worked very closely with us, they were very respectful in terms of not getting involved in our training and our build-up and in the end it was done - with the medicals in a hotel down the road away from everybody else. If that was to happen we certainly wouldn't be blocking anybody, we'd be talking to people and seeing if we can help out in any way provided both clubs were happy with it. If that happens we'll oblige. and if it doesn't suit us then we'll find a time when it does."

"When that speculation is flying around it is bound to turn your head. I would not be truthful if I told you anything other than that. I think when you are nearly going to move and all the things that would go through an older personís head, who is more experienced in life, it would be difficult for them to cope with. All he knows is Crystal Palace's academy and Crystal Palace, I think it would be daft not to say in some way that he must think about it. What I will say is because he doesn't say too much you don't get to find out too much from Aaron. He keeps things to himself. He's a very private guy, but I guess when that sort of speculation is flying around it's bound to turn your head a little bit."