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"He's got big areas of the team that need improving. They're miles behind Man City. Miles and miles behind them, Liverpool and Tottenham. He's got a big job on his hands. It's all about recruitment now. It's about the players they bring in. He hasn't got a magic wand. He's not suddenly fix it on the training ground. It's been proved. They had a spell when he took over when it all went well but now they can't win a game. You look at them and they got beaten by Cardiff in the last game of the season. They're miles away. It's not going to be down to his coaching, it's going to be down to recruitment."

"I wouldn't like to say how long it's going to take. It depends who they bring in. It depends how much they want to spend. If you want to bring top players in, they cost big money. At Man City, Guardiola looked at it and wanted a right-back and they went and bought the best right-back around in Kyle Walker for fifty-odd million. He wanted centre-halves and they went and bought a proper centre-half. The top players are at the top teams. You're not going to go and prise anyone away from Tottenham, Liverpool or Man City - or Arsenal or Chelsea, probably. You've got to go abroad now. Where are you going to find all the players that they need? Man United need five or six players."