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to the Times podcast

"I always play like that. My body language is always like that. I won trophies like that, I won the World Cup like that. Body language, haircut, all these things are just to speak. Since I was a kid, I always play like this and itís not a problem. Itís never a problem when we win. Itís always a problem when we donít win, or we lose, or I have a bad performance. Form will change. Sometimes youíre better than the other day. We try to be consistent and always be at the top. But Iíve never seen a player who is always at the very top. Sometimes you drop. Itís my every day. It just becomes normal to me. It doesnít change me Ė Iím still the Paul that I used to be as a kid and I just grow. Iíve become taller! But Iím the same person just following his dream. People that know me will say the same, Iím just myself and I donít want to change. People like me like that, people hate me like that, but Iím going to finish like I am.Ē

on haircuts

"The blue one was for the national team and then I played against City the week after. I want to know what people think. When I had this hair and I was playing against City, I wanted City to win? But guess what, I scored two goals and I was really happy that City didnít win against us. People will learn, they have their own judgement and we have to accept this.Ē