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"This team is not like the United teams of before. I miss the team spirit that was such a big part of United’s history. They have really good players but don’t have a team. The players are not working well for the club. They have a big name, they make a good salary, ‘everything is okay for me’, but then they have to show that quality in the team - not only for themselves. When you buy a player, everyone knows the quality of the player. But you have to see the character of the player, the mentality of the player. And when you see how many players take United for a lot of money, and what they give back, this is not enough. United have good players, they paid a lot of money for them, but those players have to play with respect for the club and their team-mates. I see a team with good names, great names, but without that famous spirit United always had. I’m sure the people at United are smart enough to know what they have to do. They have to build a team to compete with Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham. But they are far from those three and I think there’s a way for them to go. They have to invest the money not only in the quality of the player, but in the mentality of the player. The player has to give their heart for United, for the shirt, for the club, for the beautiful fans.”