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Raphael Varane (Madrid) isn't coming to MUFC anymore, although its not clear if it was ever likely to happen anyway

Daniel James seems certain to join MUFC and everybody thinks its a good thing (well they will do until he makes his first misplaced pass in a United shirt....)

As does Newcastle player Sean Longstaff, who its claimed has agreed to join us. His name suggests we'd be signing a tall Polish player, but in fact it turns out he is in fact a moderately sized English midfielder.

De Gea has rejected MUFCs latest contract offer, but don't worry about it as Ed will save us #eek

Harry Maguire is still on our hit list, but with city also interested it appears most think we won't be seeing a Harry at MUFC next season

Pogba could actually be staying at MUFC and end up as captain

Mata could be off to Newcastle to wait on tables with Benitez

Pedro is another player linked - A young lad who plays as striker for Fluminense - Real Madrid wanted to sign him until he got a cruciate ligament injury - now we are apparently interested ... probably to give Phil Jones and Rojo somebody new to talk to on the injury table next season #hmm

50m on Rakitic anyone ? this appears to be the fee that MUFC would need to pay to get him from Barca so he could come and play in the Europa League and compete for the top four #hmm

... and we only have a few more weeks of this to come #joy