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Ole explains the influence of Sir Alex on him

"[Sir Alex Ferguson] was like a second dad. I ended up living on the same street as him and his grandkids were in the same class as my kids, so of course I had a fantastic relationship with him over the years. Whatever you asked him about, you got an answer and you sat back and you thought: 'He really knows his stuff!'

"When I was 27, 28, I thought I would never be a coach, because I just wanted to get away from the limelight, but then I got my injury [a knee problem which eventually led to early retirement] and I sat down and reflected and thought: 'If I can't play again, I don't want to leave this game.' Then all my 20 years of football madness, craziness, nerdiness, call it what you like, came in and I thought: 'I'm going to go for this.'

"[Sir Alex] said I was analytical, but that was just one or two defenders you're playing against. I thought I knew everything about football, and then you become a coach and you need to know every single thing about every single position."