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“I’ve found it a really good transition, to be honest,”

“I think that, whether the players are 17 or 18 or senior internationals or top, top players, I think they want the same things. They want to be treated with respect and they want you to help them with their game and improve them as individuals, when the time is right. If you give them those things, you get a really good response from them. I have to say the players have been first class, with their attitude and willingness to learn. They are a really good bunch to work with and that has helped, of course."

”The staff around the team have also been a great help and I’m looking forward to kicking on now and a positive few years for the club. The dynamic of the staff has been great as Michael and I came straight in and it’s been a positive experience with us coming from different angles with different skills to bring different things to the table. Over the last couple of weeks, Ole [Gunnar Solskjaer] and Mike [Phelan] are coming in with different experiences and different skillsets so the chemistry and dynamic is really good at the moment. They’re enjoyable staff to work with.”

”I guess the ideal scenario within a staff is you all come with different skills,”

“Michael has been a top, top player in the club, he knows it and the dressing room really well. I’m coming in from the angle of having a lot of years’ experience, even at a young age, working full time on the grass with the players, putting on sessions and trying to make players better. We bounce ideas off each other and feed off each other very well so the mix has been very good.

“[The time away from home] has been a new challenge but probably more for my wife than me. She’s fantastically supportive and there is a bit more travel involved and trips away. I’ve got great family support behind me and you don’t see the family as much over Christmas but, as staff, we’re so grateful as we all know it’s a privilege to work for this great club and never take it for granted. We just enjoy the journey along the way."