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Romero talks about goalkeeper training - what they focus on and when to get them ready for games

“We are working at the moment with Emilio [Alvarez] and the other goalkeeping coaches, putting in a lot of good work, hard work,”

“For example, recently we were working on crosses. It’s not just one single action or reaction but a multi-functional task to train as a goalkeeper and to train goalkeepers as a coach as well.*
“We look at clearances, punches, kicking from the box, blocks, of course, and stopping strikes on goal. Also we work on speed and how quickly you can drop to the ground to make a block, combating difficult balls and strikes on goal.*
“There is a lot of work one-to-one to maintain a high level of competence and ability. We put in a lot of hard work as it helps us maximise the potential we have to do some great goalkeeping.

“The key is always to mix it up and have a variety of different activities, In the build-up days to any match, we tend to work on our reactions and on crosses. In the days prior to that, we do what I call heavier work – work on the legs, physical strength and building up your body strength. Closer to the match, it comes down to blocks, distribution and reactions.”