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“Towards the end it was all about Jose and what he had done in the past. It was all about his records. Manchester United managers have never done that and can you even imagine Sir Alex Ferguson walking down the touchline and holding up three fingers? It should all be about Man United and getting the right results. It’s not about managers or an individual. It’s about the club and the team. Unless Jose comes out, or Martial or Pogba, I don’t think anyone will ever actually know how bad it was. It was clearly not a happy-go-lucky dressing room. When the manager picks people out individually and has a go at the then you’ll always get players who will think ‘well, if that’s how you feel about me, should I be bothered about you?’ It’s the wrong thing because in the grander scheme of things you’re paying for Manchester United, not the manager. You’re playing for the shirt and the badge. But Jose has gone now. United are playing good, attacking football and everyone is enjoying themselves. it’s as if everybody’s game has risen fifteen per cent since Ole has come in. That can only be Ole’s influence and how he is. A cloud has been lifted off the stadium and people are happy and jovial. It’s great to see.”