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"We've got a World Cup winner on the pitch, it just excites me. Just imagine how much we can do with these players, it's been great, and they've been really receptive, they have been very good."

"It's the ultimate honour to lead a Man Utd team out on Old Trafford, so on Boxing Day it's going to be the biggest day of my life, I just have to keep my emotion in check just in case I might have to do the job! I am so looking forward to it, but the players have promised me Cardiff will get beat because that one is for me!"

"As I said earlier, we are a team that is here for the players, to get the players playing football that we love to see, get the results that we want to see with the supporters, so you are all my friends, I don't know all your names but being at this club is like a family, when you walk in and you meet Kath at reception, the first thing you meet, you know... that is a family so let's keep together and let's crack on and get the players enjoying it."