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"I don't know. Training session, 11 o'clock will give us some answers. Smalling, Jones, Martial, Bailly, of course Lindelof and Alexis we don't even speak about them, but we need answers. And for sure we are going to play with players not with the maximum of their fitness potential, but players who will put themselves available for the team like Smalling did last match, Jones at Southampton, players in difficulty who go one step forward to try and help the team."

he told MUTV: “Still waiting for conclusions, still waiting for people like Martial, Smalling, Jones - people with these kind of doubts. But there is a good spirit and people are putting themselves on the line like Chris did in the last match and Jones did against Southampton. That’s important when we have so many matches and problems with some players.”

Jose had said of Martial after the Arsenal game

"He doesn't think it is an injury, he thinks it's a pre-injury, he was feeling tight."