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“The situation is that we have five central defenders, and it’s a little bit difficult to find the best combination. Not just related to their qualities, but also related with the injury situation. It’s a bit difficult to really go for a couple of players that are a little bit more open to injures and then they play one or two matches and you want continuity and a third match in a row and you have to break the continuity, and start everything again. We have Phil, Rojo and Eric and I try to make them motivated. I cannot select the same all of the time. If I put Phil Jones on the bench five matches in a row and never Rojo and never Eric… So I am trying to rotate depending on the matches, the situation. Marcos is injured a lot of time so he is a little bit behind, but between Phil and Eric we are working like this. When we decide to make a rotation, we will make it and they are there to play."