We will be selling RedNews in Santa Hats tomorrow for a good cause, donate to the Stroke Association


We are going to look like divs in Santa hats (Part 2) for Stroke Association because it's a cause close to the Ed's heart.

We did this three years ago, a bit of fun (mainly for those taking the mick as they walked past, not the sellers!) but also raising a few quid for a good charity. It's no big thing, we'll wear the hats whilst we sell and if you can donate online a few quid pr pennies we'd appreciate it.

As it's Christmas again we will be selling RN in Santa Hats, at the Fulham game on 08/12/18 and thought raising a few quid for an important charity was a good idea to do something nice.

You don't have to buy RN, we'll be wearing them anyway.

It's nice to be nice. Thanks to anyone who can donate a few pennies.

Donations only via this page, we will not be accepting any donations when we sell, it's online here only, cheers and I hope you all have a great Christmas and 2019. Barney