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"Jose Mourinho brings all his experience and knowledge of the game to us all, not just me

"He is one of the best coaches ever and for me it is a dream come true to be alongside him and to learn from him.

"I feel ready now for a run in the side. As long as the coach needs me, I will be ready for him.

"I would be more happy if we had won the game but I'm very happy to have played my first 90 minutes in Premier League football and am looking forward to more.

"There were no nerves. I needed to be prepared for these kind of games and I was very confident. My teammates have helped me to be like that. For me, it was a big achievement.

"I have been following the Premier League since I can remember, since I first watched football, and to be able to see from the stands for a while and then get onto the pitch it has all been good experience for me.

"It is the best league in the world. The intensity of the game and the pace is different to anywhere. It is the best football to play in. I need to enjoy this kind of game.

"I needed to adapt considering the team, the coach and the league, but I think my game can adapt and settle down. With the help of my teammates, the coach and the fans I think I will be improving a lot here."