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"Yes, is different. It's not for me to do that analysis. I have my opinion but keep for myself. Different yes, I think different, and a very difficult match for us because we are going to play against a good team in a good moment, in a good run of results, without accumulation of matches because they are playing Europa League. And when you play Europa League you normally play with second choices and give good rest to the players compared with the teams with the Champions League, where we have to play with the maximum of our potential and then is accumulation of matches. And then you arrive in this moment in December and and many teams pay the price of that. When you play in Europa League - I did that, I know clearly - that is not a motivation you want as a team, as a club. But then to develop the team and have people fresher is a good way to do it. Plus the confidence of the good results, and when you play in the Europa League you have good results and win easily. So very difficult match for us and a very difficult match for them, in spite of our problems with choices, with the selection of the team. I am pretty sure they know it's not going to be easy."