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"I think we played this season against Chelsea and Juventus, away, the two best teams that we face this season, and we played very well in both, very well in both, in here lucky to win in the last minute, against Chelsea, unlucky not to win in the last minute, but we played very, very well and this is what we want, we want to play well, we want to go to every stadium and doesn't matter the team, and we play, then if they are better than us, they win, if they have more potential than us, they win, if we make mistakes we lose but I want the feeling of doesn't matter where we go, we want to compete and I think this is a feeling that also the Manchester United supporters around the world they want to have that feeling, switch on the television, and doesn't matter where we play, they know that we are going to compete. We will lose matches, today we could lose, but that feeling of we go to play, we go to try to win."