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"Before Mourinho, there was Louis van Gaal. He also wasn't so successful. In England, they immediately start to look around to find a better coach but in the end, I think Van Gaal did a better job than what Mourinho is doing. Yes, Mourinho won the EFL Cup but that doesn't mean much, even though he pretends it means a lot. But it isn't as important as the FA Cup. And for a club like United, it's not a big deal to win the Europa League final against Ajax. That's not so special, is it? They have to win the Europa League, it's not even the Champions League. That says enough. The crowd isn't that impressed by the way his Manchester United play. It's not forbidden like that, to park the bus, but it's not attractive to watch. I've played at Manchester United and I know they love to play good, attractive football. It's not a big deal if you lose a game but at least you have to lose with good, passionate football. The people don't like it when you lose games and Mourinho blames the players, the referee, the fans he always blames someone."