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"I think independent of the result, our next matches against Young Boys and Valencia are the matches that are going to define the qualification in the second position or to go to Europa League. So tomorrow is a match we want to win, we want to compete. It's not lost, we want to play, we have to play and we want that very, very much and I think the best experiences for teams are against teams that are really the top and we have that opportunity tomorrow. Tomorrow is a big match and is big enough not to think about what is next. Is big enough to think about just the match against Juventus."

"It doesn't matter what happens here or in Valencia there are two more matches to play and we can still qualify, so I think we will fight for qualification until the last match. And this is such a big match I don't want to think about what next. Manchester City, Crystal Palace, it doesn't matter, we just want to focus on tomorrow."