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"Do I look sad? No. Yes I'm happy. Like I said, again, I'm happy to wear the shirt, I'm really happy to come back to United, wearing this shirt, playing for this team, this big club. Obviously, when you're playing in a big club like that, there is always talk about this club. We know anything can go on, but on the pitch I'm always happy, always with a smile, fighting for my team-mates club and fans. That's what I do and I'm really happy to do that. Choosing to come back to United was my choice. Juventus were playing in the Champions League and United were playing in the Europa League. So I knew first of all I wouldn't play Champions League and I was very happy. I made my choice and don't regret it at all. I know United, in the last few years, have not been at the top, but I came back just to help the team try to get back at the top, so we are on the way. We have a lot of goals, so for me I don't regret it at all. I'm very happy to come back, wear the shirt and I'm sure we will come back to our best.