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"He [Ferguson] wonít have known how it was affecting me and, honestly, I donít know what he would make of it now. Probably the same as everyone else: ĎWell, thatís the reason then.í It wasnít that I was fearful of the manager but maybe I was showing a weakness in myself, subconsciously. Heís a father figure and there are plenty of examples when he has shown that side to his personality. Iíve seen Ronaldo talking about when he lost his dad and how supportive the manager was. It wasnít a conscious decision on my part that: ĎOh God, I canít talk to him.í I just wanted to get through it, get back to playing well and everything would be fine. I never contemplated telling anyone at the club.Ē

ďThankfully itís talked about a lot more now, so hopefully if someone is going through the same they will come out and say it. The stigma isnít there any more. People know they can talk about it, they wonít be judged and their career path wonít be changed just because they have been suffering. Iím not saying I could spot it but maybe if I see someone having a hard time I can tell that person I had a tough time, I could explain what I was feeling, what I was going through. It could maybe help someone. You look at players who are off form and thereís a general disappointment, their confidence goes low and their whole demeanour can change. Iíve seen it hundreds of times but itís difficult to know whatís really going on inside someoneís mind.Ē

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