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ďI can only speak for myself, but for me, always the best teams with the best characters, results affect players the most. The biggest players Iíve seen are the ones that take the wins well - donít get carried away with them - but the defeats really hurt. They hurt in a way that drives you for a reaction. They hurt in a way that you donít lay down and die, but it drives you on to bounce back. It does hurt. It literally takes over your life and thatís never changed for me. In some ways it affects you more than anyone else because youíre responsible for it and you are in control of whether it goes well or doesnít go well. So when it doesnít it hits you - that feeling of letting yourself down or your teammates down. Knowing that feeling of how many fans youíve got around the world, you feel youíve almost let people down. Itís not a nice place to be thatís why you enjoy your successes even more.Ē

Now out to order. Michael Carrick: Between the Lines: My Autobiography