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ďI was never comfortable at United, really. When youíre in it, you donít really feel like thatÖ you donít actually really enjoy it that much when youíre in it, which is a crazy thing, but itís because youíre so desperate for that next thing, striving for the next level. You donít really enjoy the journey that much. Itís when youíre finished and you look back you enjoy it.Ē

"Itís always been the ones that got away that stick in your memory. You use them for motivation. The ones you win are brilliant and you enjoy them, and then you move on. That first year at United we won the league and lost the FA Cup to Chelsea a couple of weeks later, I would have thought winning the league would have been the ultimate and I would have enjoyed it that summer but the overriding feeling was losing the FA Cup final and the league almost didnít matter. I used that for the next year, that kind of motivation.Ē

Now out to order. Michael Carrick: Between the Lines: My Autobiography