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"It has been intense. They seem lost. Right now, there's not enough connection. Yes, when there is no result of course there is things to change and everyone is to blame. The players, the staff, they have to do more. It's not about one game or two, it's about being consistent. They may lose some games, but we should not have anyone questioning desire. It should not happen."

"If Gary Neville thinks there's something wrong I think you have to listen. People will talk about Pogba and Mourinho. They are actors. They have to understand they have to be at their best. They all have the answers. There is things going on in the press, distracting from the way they are playing. This is not normal. Sometimes at manager level as well I think there are game decision that have been wrong, but millions of fans have an opinion. We don't know, what we can see is on the field."