Reds feedback on new RN255 - ‘excellent read’ - so order it here in Print, Kindle, App or Digital pdf format

"Latest mag arrived yesterday. Much more entertaining than the actual football. Thanks for making me laugh more than I have in ages."

"Red News arrived yesterday Barney, as usual telling it as it is, the usual excellent read, thanks"

"another good read this month pal 👍🏻 I thought the piece on Utd funding Tampa Bay, was brilliant, at the same time, worrying & heartbreaking.. I don’t think people realise that we could end up a basket case, I don’t know the answer, I hope some one does LUHG..."

"Reading 255 on the tram home and a lot more effort has gone into it than Lukaku’s performance today"

"Regardless of the result, many positives to be taken from today - seeing Fergie, a few ales and a couple of decent reads on the train home. Glory Glory Man United @barneyrednews @AndyMitten"

"Just received the latest copy of Red News courtesy of @barneyrednews. Love the cover."

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