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"It's ridiculous talk. The players, they don't play for the manager, if the players play for the manager they are not good professionals, because one day they like the manager, and they play for them, and the next day comes a manager they don't like and they don't play for him but they still get the money so I think is ridiculous talk, I don't think in BT you work better because you like your boss and if a new boss comes and you don't like then you don't do your work professionally, is not about that. What I asked the players is exactly what to give absolutely everything, of course we had some little tactical touches, of course we risk a lot, of course we went in different directions, we were trying to find the best way to play and in the end we won the match that I think we deserved to win. And I think the fans deserved to win, 2-0 at half-time with all the dynamica of the man hunting I think they behaved amazingly well for the team, I don't even like even people to sing my name, for the team and this is what the football club is and Manchester United is a big football club."