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"Itís not a perception, some of the persons everybody knows they have double salaries, they work also for the clubs and of course they are not independent and they conduct things in the direction they want. Thatís obvious, human, thatís natural, not ethical but I accept. The ones that wake up in the morning and the first thing that comes into their mind is Jose Mourinho, Manchester United, I feel sorry for them because there are much more interesting things than us and football But for the Manchester United supporters is important they have the right idea of how things are in reality but the most important thing of all is that the kid is a good kid, a good player, knows what Manchester United did for him, starting in the academy, then Mr van Gaal support, then my support and the clubís support, new contract, new shirt, being selected for every single match Since I was here, he was never one day out of selection because of my decision or because he was injured or suspended, he was never, never out of a selection. So he knows and thatís the most important thing, but the media is very important and is very important Manchester United supporters know the truth, thatís why Iím going so specific about these numbers."