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"Speaking about Marcus, I think I can expect that Sunday Iím going to be highly criticised for not playing him tomorrow because some of the boys are really obsessed with me and some of them have a problem I think with some compulsive lies so I can expect that Sunday some of them will wake up in the morning as always the first thing they think that comes to their minds is Jose Mourinho.
So I can imagine on Sunday I am going to be criticised for not playing Marcus but it is not my fault. Heís suspended so probably you should remind them he is suspended and cannot play.
Performances with England of course Iím happy. He played well, competed well, he scored and especially in a period where he comes with some sadness after his suspension and was very good that he did that. If you donít mind to lose a couple of minutes with me Iím going to do something not for you but the United fans because I think I hold myself to the United fans and for them I am going to spend two minutes with you."