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ďObviously, it's important to win and play well. I think we played well in periods and we played against a good team that invests more than us. They spent more money than us so I think in the Premier League, we must get used to teams who have players of the same quality that we have. Forget the name, forget the history, forget the shirt, every team is a good team and every match is difficult, so three points in the first match of the season after such a difficult pre-season, with boys who only had three days of training, was important. Of course, it will be a difficult season for everybody, not just for us. But for us, it will be a difficult season because I had my plans for many months and I find myself in the beginning of the Premier League with the market closed in a situation I did not think I would be in. It's the last time I speak about it. It's over, itís finished, the market is closed and no more talk about it. I think football is changing and probably football managers now should be called more head coaches. We have big multi-functional coaching staff and I think we are more the head coach than the manager. Thatís the way football is going.Ē