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"Romero, he had a surgery after his injury in the World Cup, Valencia, he was injured in pre-season, Marcos Rojo, he was injured in the World Cup, Dalot had a surgery in Porto by the end of April and not yet ready. Ander Herrera injured against Bayern, Matic injured in the World Cup and surgery in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago. And I think that’s it."

"They (World Cup latter stages players) return on Monday, train Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today so you can imagine that they are not really fit and ready. But we have needs, the list that I gave you before of the injured players is an important list and today after training I will speak with that group of players because everybody is different physically and mentally and see how they feel they are and to understand to think how they can help or not help."

“No miracles. The players with a proper pre-season are fit and they are strong. For example, Alexis Sanchez had a good pre-season with lots of matches and lots of minutes. He’s more than ready but you cannot have the players who arrived only last Monday after the World Cup semi-finals or final and three weeks’ holiday. You cannot expect them to be fit.”