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"To be honest, the best way for players to learn is not just playing or practising in training but being around people who lived through it and experienced what they are going through. I was fortunate to be a player, coach and assistant manager. You encounter issues that weren't necessarily brand new to you. You've gone through those emotions so it seems quite normal to you, what it means to be a player at Manchester United - the scrutiny, the demands, the pressure. All that kind of stuff. I think Manchester United have done that with ambassadorial roles and they have now got someone coaching in that environment who can help calm things down."

"He is someone who knows all about success for elite players and knows what Manchester United means," the chairman of Sensible Soccer, the football equipment, education and coaching company. It will be vital not just for Paul Pogba but new players coming in. What the club stands for, what it takes to be well-respected as a Manchester United player, how to conduct yourself. Paul understands that as a junior coming in from the academy. He needs to take that time to pull back, to realise that dream. It's a great dream."