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"I think in this moment, France are having a nice drink in their rooms or in the bar, not celebrating the victory but celebrating extra time. And celebrating 24 hours more than them to rest which I think is very, very unfair. I know the broadcasters put the millions on the table but I think for a World Cup final, I think both teams should play the semi-final on the same day. Bring this England game one or two hours early, bring the France game two hours later, it happened during the competition, even three matches during one day. So why not two matches in one day and give both teams and all the players the same possibilities. France is not celebrating a World Cup victory but they are celebrating 24 hours more to rest, which in this moment after six matches, is very, very important. And they can also celebrate three 30 minutes extra, which for them is three extra times, which is 90 minutes 90 minutes is one more match."