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ďThe critics can criticise me but the one thing they cannot criticise is the love of football I have in my heart and I will always have it and even if I hear good things or bad things, I will keep fighting for my love. I know that sometimes you are doing good, sometimes you are doing bad, but thatís how you grow. Itís not like I always do the good things and I hope Iím doing the good things so I can delete the bad things. I can improve and get better and better. I wouldnít say that Iím young but Iím not old, yet, and we are going through nice things and want to finish it. We are in the final of a World Cup. Itís a dream for everybody but you have to realise a dream. I donít want to prove nothing to nobody. I could do one thing and it was to play football. It was my love, my first love. I live for football. I play for football. I get criticised again and again but today everything is fine. Itís always nice to win, and it is nice to hear nice things about the team, about yourself and everything.Ē