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It is a World Cup - the biggest competition in world football - and to be able to play on that stage you want to go and impress and we are all looking to do that. Everyone knows there are pressures, but as a kid you want to play in the biggest tournaments and I am as excited as anyone out there. We have to show we can handle that. It is a young squad but an experienced one.

A lot has been said about getting bored but there has been none of that at all. The boys wont be getting bored. They are plenty of things to do. There are plenty of good facilities in there for everyone to feel like they are at home. It is a fantastic environment with lots of things to do. Its very nice and relaxed, the FA have done a magnificent job for us so everyone feels at home. You can tell in training the togetherness and the team spirit is fantastic here. If you have that off the pitch and take it onto the pitch, it can only stand you in good stead.