Support us in our quest for 254 subscribers before RedNews254 at

The aim of our June/July campaign.

To gain 254 (ready for RedNews No. 254 published early August!) subscribers - print or pdf - for Rednews, the unofficial MUFC fanzine, giving vital support who in return will receive all 10 mags of the 2018/19 season.

We are a small, independent unofficial Manchester United supporters' fanzine which will publish for its 32nd year in the 2018/19 season.

We sell at football grounds, and also print and pdf subscriptions to your door or email inbox.

Unfortunately the worst weather in our existence hit us last season which really affected our sales (we had rain, rain, snow, snow, more snow, rain and, er, rain), and we want to expand our subscription list to help us better prepare for the new season. We are seeking Reds near or far to support our cause.

This will better protect us for the 2018/19 season if we were to see a repeat on matchdays, or the affect of ever changing, and daft, kick-off times which affects sales; so we want to attract 254 subscribers - print or pdf - during June and July 2018 as YOU who will be helping the fanzine and part of MUFC supporting culture, and who in return will receive all 10 issues of our fanzine for the forthcoming 2018/19 season. This is vital new support which will help the fanzine flourish.

You will be giving invaluable support to our small fanzine, and in return gaining a unique, unofficial, irreverent read each month which doesn't try to take itself too seriously. It is adult content.

You can download a free trial of May RedNews253 at

We appreciate all who have read this far, all who plan to support in June or July or have done so. Your support is vital and every single one of you who supports is helping to make a difference.

You will be making a vital difference to the fanzine.

We are aiming high with this target, but if you don't try, you'll never find out.

Thank you.


Support us in our quest for 254 subscribers before RedNews254 at