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"It was great. I have wanted to come back to play. I have thought about it a lot,"

"I would love to run on this pitch and be at Stamford Bridge, I donít want to cry but it will be very hard. I have a lot of feeling for both teams.

"I think it will be an amazing match because it will be the first time playing there since I left the Chelsea team in 2006. To come back to Stamford Bridge will be special. I come back to watch some games, but to be on the pitch will be different. The atmosphere feels different when you are on the pitch.

"The last time was when we lifted the Premier League trophy against Manchester United, that was the last game that I played at home. To come back will be something special for me. It was the first league title that I won. After this victory, I won three in a row with Inter. It started something great.

"That day was amazing. This year was amazing. We beat Manchester United 3-0 at home. They came second and it was amazing. I think Friday will be something special for me personally because that feeling I had on that day was very special. To come back and feel that day again makes me feel nervous, I donít know. It is difficult to explain your feelings when they were so intense.

"For me, it is difficult to explain my feelings and I am very emotional because I played with and against these guys. They played in the stadium that made me cry when we won the Premier League. I have a lot of memories. I donít know, I am very excited to be part of it."