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“[There will be] no number two,”

“Moving forward, I will organise my coaching staff in a way where the assistant manager figure doesn’t exist.

“I’m going to have coaches, assistant coaches, fitness coaches and a structure where we have specialists in different areas, connected to the performance by analysts. I’m not going to have an assistant manager in the sense of the word.”

“The particular reason is that I think it will be Michael Carrick in the future, when he has his badges and his pro licence, when he makes the bridge from a player to an assistant,”

“People think it’s just like ‘one day I am a player, the next day I am a coach’ and it’s not like that. The brain can be ready for that but then you need the practice, the decision-making, the control, the leadership, the work in groups.”

“I don’t think it makes sense when Rui is leaving after 17 years. I have nobody in the world of football to be my assistant manager – nobody,”

“So I prefer to educate people, to structure my staff in a way where there is space for their education, for their improvement, and I think naturally, when Michael has the coaching and pro licence badges, normally, with the personality he has, with the friendship, with our honesty, I think it will be for him.

“At the moment, he is my assistant and he participates in the process. Participating in the process means participating in every aspect.

“Of course I have to make the decisions but my assistants have an opinion and he has. Obviously, he will have a different opinion to those you can get from any other scout, or any analysis department.

“I am going to improve my staffing in the performance level in relation to the fitness and the relation with the tactical work. So I’m going to bring some people in.”