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ďWhen people ask us if we like it, if we donít like it, if we agree with it or donít agree with it, I think honestly itís a question for the referees. They want to perform the best they can, they donít like to make mistakes. And sometimes they make mistakes because itís a human mistake and you cannot go over it unless you have some technological support. So if the referees are happy with that technological support, then yes, letís go for the VAR. I think, from my perspective, I like the feeling. Of course they need adjustments. They need to make sure that they donít change the dynamic of the game too much, the emotion of the game too much Ė people waiting a couple of minutes to know if they can jump because it was a goal. But from my professional perspective, I like the feeling of a right decision is coming. Itís a penalty or not a penalty, itís handball or not handball, itís a red card or not a red card. I think a fair decision is a feeling that I like.Ē