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"Paul Pogba is capable of great things, but a country mile from being a great player. That distinction is due to his inability to grasp the responsibility that comes with being a central midfielder. He is 24 now and an £89m signing, yet he still doesnít understand what is required to play that position properly. Mourinho is clearly not happy with aspects of Pogbaís game. Maybe that will make the message finally sink in, but I doubt it. Pogba simply cannot be one of two in central midfield. You cannot rely on him. Against the lesser teams youíll get away with it, but against the better teams youíre not going to. For Mourinho and United, itís about finding the right position for him, but he isnít a playmaker. If youíre looking for a central midfielder who recognises danger, fills spaces and doesnít drift out of position, heís not going to do that for you. When heís asked to do a job centrally, heís forever straying towards the touchline trying to get on the ball. A central midfielder should never be in areas wider than the penalty box, unless they are out there to confront danger defensively. Pogba empties that central area far too readily. He will do something clever in the final third, but will be absent when his back four are under the cosh. He plays like a schoolboy running after the ball in the playground."

"Thereís lots I like about Pogba. Heís powerful and athletic with good technique, but Iíve not seen a different, improved Pogba since he walked back into Old Trafford in August 2016. Three goals from 22 club games this season isnít good enough. Somebody with his athleticism and physique should be well into double figures every season. United need a better mix there to keep the ball better, make them a better watch and more threatening, with better quality into their strikers. They need a craftsman such as Christian Eriksen at Tottenham. Romelu Lukaku has faced some criticism, but heís not been getting chances put on a plate. He could do with an Eriksen-type doing that for him. United are crying out for a clever passer. Juan Mata can do it, but he canít get around the pitch the way that Eriksen does or the way that Mourinho wants his players to."