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“Always when you come to a new club you have to learn and I'm still learning. I'm learning every day and I work hard every day to try to help the team. I speak with the manager and he's been very good for me. I can learn a lot from him and also the other coaches, so we talk sometimes and it's been good. I would have to say the main difference is the Premier League, it's a tougher league than the Portuguese league. They are two big clubs, but here in Manchester United it's one of the biggest clubs in the world and you have more eyes watching you. I'd say that's the biggest difference.”

“I'm always happy to help the team in any way I can, so of course I'm very pleased to be able to help the team on the pitch and get some good results. I like to play in both a back three and a back four. I play the way the manager wants me and the team to play, so for me it doesn't matter, I like to play both systems. The whole team, we always try to help each other, so for me, I cannot pick just one player. The whole team has been very good since I arrived and helped me in a lot of ways."