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ďItís a big, big, big, big opportunity. Performances are not as bad as people think. We are not so weak we donít have a chance against Manchester United. Itís our stadium, itís Anfield, the first game with the Kenny Dalglish Stand and we want to use this power. We need to be hard and ready for each challenge, but not bad tackles. The old times arenít possible anymore.Ē

ďOur fans have been waiting for the game for two weeks at least. We have two days to prepare. Itís a pretty big game so maybe next time bring these teams together when we can work in the direction of this game. Joseís team play like they have to play in each moment. They are in a better situation than last year. They have fantastic players. Against us they played often pretty long, but they donít always do this. We know they have big quality. But we are still positive. We look forward to it. One of the most special game in world football. Lukaku was already a world class striker at Everton. He enjoys life in this team a lot. Heís improved since he joined Manchester. Itís a massive game. Iíd love to ask the Premier League to give us both more time to prepare for a game like this. Both have two days to prepare. Theyíre in much better situation than they were last season. We know about their qualities. Against us they play long pretty early.Ē