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Hes a great talent and hes doing well. He looks like hes maturing. Hes improving, hes hungry and hes getting opportunities this season. Hes somebody who can be a huge talent for United and England and hes at the right place to do that. Hes got the backing of the manager, the backing of the fans and the confidence of the players, and the more I see him, the more hes bringing new things to his game and adding to it. Youve got Ousmane Dembele whos gone to Barcelona and Mbappe, whos gone to PSG. Would you say Rashford is of the same ilk as them? I think potentially hes as good as those guys, but theyve done it in the Champions League, while hes yet to prove that. But I dont think Marcus is silly. He knows hes not the finished article and will keep working hard at his game. He has to keep proving himself, and there are so many hurdles you have to get over These young players, were too quick to say, 'He can be this or that. If he keeps improving, keeps working at his game and stays in love with football, hes got as good a chance as any kid in the game to be a real success and a huge star.