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“Last season in this period everybody was saying that with me it would be difficult for him to play. In the end, I think he was one of the top three with more appearances for the team so he played a lot, he developed a lot. He played in different positions. He played the important Europa League matches, which is like a pre-Champions League, and he's learning a lot. You change your body when you’re a young kid.. It's just the natural evolution of a kid, accumulation of minutes on the pitch... he's already taller than when I arrived 13 months ago - he's three centimetres taller - and he put on some muscle, but without any kind of specific work because his speed is the most important quality so we don't want to lose that. He is a great professional with a great attitude and last season for too long he was in a period of not scoring goals and missing a lot of chances, which was not a drama because sometimes that's part of the evolution. We knew that this season he is going to score more goals than last season."