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to Andy Mitten

ďI feel that this is my season to prove myself and Iím feeling in good shape. I want to show everyone that I believe in myself and show the manager that. Iím working hard and Iíve been doing rehab each day with Ash. It has been coming along really good. Iíve been running on a tread mill and doing my leg weights and making sure my foot is strong. Iíve also been doing a lot of cardiovascular work to keep me in good shape. Iím feeling good. The sooner Iím back the better and hopefully it is soon because I want to get out there playing. Iím in a positive frame of mind and donít want talk too much about the past, but I do think that Iíve been unlucky with injuries. My leg and now this. It was unlucky. I want to put them in the past.Ē

ďAt first I thought we werenít going on tour but deep down I think it is very important for us to come on tour. All of the lads are away and we are with them. It is bonding for everyone to be around. I am so glad I am here. I am enjoying it a lot, although I am not playing. It is a really good place to be and it is a really good squad to be around. It is buzzing at the moment. This is just the start.Ē