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first of all he is asked if he compares to Didier Drogba

I dont compare, I dont compare at all, one has his history and this one is still in the beginning of his history. What he brings? Hopefully goals, hes the kind of player that everybody knows is a striker so were not speaking about a multi-functional player or create doubts about positions on the pitch. Hes a striker and normally strikers score goals and the reason why he was so important and difficult to get is because of what he did in the Premier League. Obviously there are other good strikers in football but the Premier League is a very specific habitat, a difficult habitat, normally players need some time to adapt but Lukaku has played in the Premier League for the last four or five seasons so now he comes to a club with a different responsibility than Everton or West Bromwich Albion. I think he comes in the right moment because he is young but still has years of experience with the Premier League and Belgian national team. Its his first CL competition which was his main motivation so the fact we qualified also played an important role.