Reds feedback on RN242 - great read, brilliant - so order it here in Print, Kindle, App or Digital pdf format ‏

@JT_MUFC Cracking read as always, here's to many many more 👍🏻

@dougbagleyfdl received my copy and it is brilliant. Congratulations on 30 years.

@guyofftrebledvd Brilliant interview with the MUFC legend that is @olegs26_ole in the 30th anniversary issues

@joe_username That Reditorial in the new mag is a fuckin great read. All the best and congrats. Heres to many more

@Philthered84 Quality issue @barneyrednews and congratulations on the big 30. Here's to another 30years. 🔴⚪️⚫️

Gareth Carlisle‏ @Garethcarlisle Loved the editorial, summed it all up for me.

@simpsosh brilliant editorial in the new mag. Many points you raised will no doubt be borne out on Twitter tonight 🙄

@waynesears buy every issue. Greatest fanzine in the world

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